PRO TUTORIAL: Trailerized Hybrid Mash-Up "Get Up: Hard Break" (Future Fantasy Project)

From Sketch to Finished Score - Inside the Creation of this Hybrid Track

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About this course

Hear the music we study in this Pro Tutorial "Get Up: Hard Break"

Follow along each step in the making of this score. You will learn the advanced techniques used from composing and producing to the mixing and mastering this track.

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"The course has provided me with a better understanding of writing a trailer cue, the thought process involved, along with tips for mixing and mastering. Don has opened me up to a completely new way of thinking when it comes to writing. "

- Paul Matthew, Composer on SLR Workshops "Epic Hybrid Trailer" Course

Learn how this trailerized hybrid track is created from a professional composer.
This PRO TUTORIAL teaches concepts and techniques on how to trailerize a track OR utilize your own music as a leaping off point for creating more music for more opportunities.
You will be guided through the process of how "Get Up: Hard Break" was created. Your Instructor breaks down the methods and tools with an end goal of providing a system that will help you create a track of your own.
Whether you are scoring for films, TV, commercials or Hollywood trailers this course offers valuable takeaways to use in your own work.

"Many trailer houses ask composers to remix popular songs into trailer tracks. Often called "trailerizing", these re-imaginings can be heard all over modern movie promotions.
In this course, I share detailed examples of techniques you can use by re-imagining one of my own songs from "slow alternative swamp rock" to a "fast paced epic hybrid" version.
The track we dissect in the tutorial is "Get Up: Hard Break", a Trailerized Hybrid track from my Future Fantasy album project.
With a focused look into production, mixing and mastering, students are encouraged to have a go at trailerizing a track of their own, utilizing the tutorial as a guide."
- Instructor Don Bodin

If you are looking to energize your musical ideas or gain more licensing opportunities, this course was built to show how your existing music can be a leaping off point to create several different unique tracks and increase the odds of capitalizing on your music.



How To Hack Writers Block

Modern Production Techniques

Mixing Workflow for a Hybrid Track

Mastering Tricks That Can Save You Hours

"Don is a great teacher, and I liked how he broke down his process, from how he came up with the concept of his track, his cue structure and his mixing and mastering methods. I came looking for more insight into the production aspect of trailer music. Don opened my mind to some great mixing and mastering tools and techniques."

- John Pignato, Composer on SLR Workshops "Epic Hybrid Trailer" Course

Jump-Start New Music from Your Old Themes

Incorporating New Production Techniques

Details of Mixing Workflow

Mastering the Final Tracks

And All The Details Along The Way.

The course will include:
  • Concise Video Walkthroughs Inside Creating this Trailer Track
  • A Blueprint for Creating More Licensable Tracks
  • Mixing and Mastering Techniques
  • Understanding Feedback Received from a Music Publisher
  • How to Develop Your Own "Sound" or "Sound for a Project”
  • How to Utilize Orchestration Techniques to Add Excitement
All delivered in nearly 4 hours of video tutorials with links to additional references and the complete list of all the software used in the making of this track.

"Don has created a detailed courses that anyone writing trailer music and indeed many other types of music will find incredibly useful.
A wealth of information and a number of new ideas that I'll be incorporating into my own compositional process going forward."

- Emmett Cooke
Composer and Author of The Business of Music Licensing on SLR Workshops "Epic Hybrid Trailer" Course


This Course Was Built For Composers Looking To:

  • Expand Your Modern Hybrid Production Techniques
  • Boost Your Mixing and Mastering Skills
  • Build A Better Demo Reel
  • Pitch for Music Licensing Opportunities
  • Learn A Method For Jump Starting More Music
" . . . Provide an insight into the compositional process of a working industry pro. If you’re familiar with SLR’s reviews on Youtube expect the same articulate, honest advice that has helped many of us composers break through to the next level."
- Gustavo De Beauville, Composer on SLR Workshops "Epic Hybrid Trailer" Course


What is included in the 3 Pack?
The 3 Pack will include 3 Pro Tutorials. Each tutorial will be detailed study of a different track that will be featured on Don's 'Future Fantasy' Trailer Album.

These track are "On Conjuring", "Get Up" & "Genetic Complexity".

Learn about the Epic Hybrid Trailer Track Pro Tutorial for "On Conjuring" here.

"Genetic Complexity" is Sci-Fi Rhythmic Trailer Track. Trailer houses often are looking for percussion-centric tracks with cutting rhythmic hooks and 'fresh' hybrid sounds. This tutorial will showcase the details of the music, again sharing a blueprint for students to utilize the concepts and structure to create a hybrid track of their own. Open enrollment is planned for early September 2018.

All of the music in the summer Pro Tutorials are part of the same trailer album project, 'Future Fantasy," that Don is working on so there will be some homogenous sounds and timbres that tie them all together.

Students signing up for the 3 Pack will receive a special discount.

Your Instructor


Don Bodin is an award winning composer with a focus on music for advertising. His scores have have been heard around the globe from stage to screen to marching field. Bodin lives near the beach in Los Angeles, California. He is known among his composer peers for hosting the website Sample Library Review.


"Each month I get dozens of emails with questions about mixing, orchestration and music technology.

In this course I break down a real-world project the way I wish I could have gotten when I started out."
- Don Bodin Workshop Instructor

Got a question about the Workshop?

This Workshop has been designed for composers who have a basic understanding of how to use a DAW (digital audio workstation) with sample libraries and virtual instruments. No specific libraries are needed to start the Workshop. For the purpose of this course, examples will be show in Logic, but the lessons are universal for any DAW.
The modules have been design for easy entry for intermediate composers although working composers who are looking for specifics on the creation of 'On Conjuring' are sure to get a lot out of the lessons and guided walkthroughs.
If you have any questions about the Workshop please email the instructor.

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The course starts now and never ends! It is a completely self-paced online course - you decide when you start and when you finish.
How long do I have access to the course?
How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own.
What if I am unhappy with the course?
We would never want you to be unhappy! If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact us in the first 30 days and we will give you a full refund.

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